Landscape and garden lighting
At Sussex Lighting we have a great variety of external lighting fixtures for outside as well as for indoors.
Our collection of exterior lighting solutions will illuminate and/or decorate your outdoor space in the dark. High on aesthetic appeal, outdoor wall lights complement the architecture in a unique way. It not only illuminates but enhances the architecture. Apart from the visual appeal that lighting can render, the most important function of outdoor lighting is security and utility after dark.
At Sussex Lighting we have a fabulous range of exterior lighting options that are your perfect options for illumination, utility, security and attractiveness. We have a diverse set of designs to suit a variety of aesthetic requirements, be it garage doors, patios, garden or entryways we have got most requirements covered. Our collection has options to suit the traditional and contemporary homes alike.
Have a look at our catalogues of contemporary and traditional outdoor lighting options. We have a diverse variety of wall lights, deck lights, LED lighting, lamp posts and architectural outdoor lighting options, ironwork, lanterns etc.

Our catalogues include items that are designed for highest weather resilience plus Iconic designs throwing beautiful shapes and patterns when lit.
Why not visit our shop to appreciate our full range of outdoor lighting.