Mood Lighting, a beginners guide
Light effects
Mood can play an important role as far as room lighting is concerned. Within each room, you may wish to create various effects and moods using light. There are three main types:
Ambient Light
Ambient light is perhaps the most basic of all illumination mimicking the effects of natural light. Softer than harsh halogen lighting, ambient lamps and wall lights are used to create a calming effect within a room and are usually used within living and dining rooms as well as the bedroom where soft focus light for relaxation is required.
Accent light
Accent lighting is the most creative of lighting options and is not intended for functional use. Instead, accent lights are used to create drama in a room by highlighting key features such as an alcove, a display or fireplace. Accent light is ideal for use in a living room in conjunction with ambient light to give greater flexibility, for example when friends and families visit and one needs a higher overall level of light.
Task light
Task lighting gives off a bright, focussed light fixed on one position or work surface such as a study or in the kitchen where recessed ceiling downlighters and underwall unit lighting is used to directly focus on counter tops and food preparation areas. In the study or home office, task lighting usually takes the form of a halogen desk lamp for reading or working.
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